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Sachin Dubey
Director & CEO
Module Innovations
A technopreneur at heart and founder of Module Innovations
Medical Devices
Patented a technology (WO/2015/015515) International Application No.PCT/IN2014/000503.
Build a spinoff around this and received substancial amount (Rs 5 million) of funds from BIRAC. Also received number of awards and accolades from India and US. more details can be seen at moduleinnovations.com
Starting a startup leaving the option for a PhD in US had a gigantic motivation behind. The passion to convert technologies into sustainable business and bringing affordable products in market for the masses is what motivates me. Tech2impact will be a brilliant platform to meet like minded people and i think such eminent persons will make me more verse with the nuances of a successful business and making a brilliant team that together will change the world.
Running a startup for a year has made me understand some of the basic nuances of managing small companies or more being more apt a startup. I would thus really love to learn the challenges post 1 year and as the company grows from 4 to 40 employees. What happens after we have raised our first angel/VC fund and how do they really do the valuations. Also of interest would be the negotiation skills that go in for a win-win deal.