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Dhruv Dave
B.E (E.C)
I completed my B.E from GTU in E.C.E in 2014.I've did a start-up in the field of Agriculture named greenvita.I've worked as a Project Engineer at eiTRA.Our team worked on developing a prototype for the Automation of Greenhouses.
Manufacturing,Product Design,Product Development,Product Management,Strategy
Technology Commercialization
I worked as a Project Engineer at eiTRA(einfochips Training and Research Academy) from 3 months. Our team worked on developing a prototype of Automation of Greenhouses. We developed a module to control the external parameters like Temperature,humidity and soil moisture in Greenhouses. I have represented this project to Investors in the events like icreate's What Next 2015.
I want to know about the commercialization process of the technology products and services. I have developed a Product myself and I faced difficulties in it's commercialization and legal aspects.To meet enthusiast Entrepreneurs and Technologists and to exchange some valuable thoughts and Ideas.To gain a valuable exposure and experience in cross disciplinary collaboration.This can prove as a boost for me to work and develop the product in a particular approach.