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Dhruv Dave
Bachelor's in Engineering (BE)
A teacher
I'm an Electronics Engineer, an Entrepreneur involved in 2 start-ups,a teacher since last 5 years,a public Speaker and a Pianist.My start-ups are in the field of Electronics and Agriculture.
Market Research,Product Design,Product Development,Product Management,Strategy
Agriculture,Electronics,Semi Conductors
Technology Commercialization
I worked as a Project Engineer at eiTRA(einfochips Training and Research Academy) and developed a prototype for Automation of Greenhouses. We developed a module to control the external parameters like Temperature,humidity and soil moisture in Greenhouses. I have represented this project to Investors in the events like icreate's What Next 2015.
I want to know about the commercialization process of the technology products and services.I have developed a Product myself and I faced difficulties in it's commercialization and legal aspects.
I'm looking forward to meet Technologists and exchange the Ideas if certain technologies can be implemented to solve certain problems.This program can prove as a boost for me to work on bringing solutions to major problems through technology.
I am a core member and Volunteer of Jyot Education Foundation.I have provided Education to many students along with my under graduation in Engineering.I have learned Piano and Guitar for 4 years and cleared Music Theory Exams from ABRSM London upto Grade 4.
In my first start up "greenvita", we created 105 retail customers in the Paldi Area for our Pilot project.
I have worked as a Project Lead Engineer and developed a prototype module for the automation of greenhouses.